how to proceed

What to do if…

What to do if…

A warning light illuminates on the dashboard…….
Immediately pull over and stop the vehicle in a safe place and check to Use and Maintenance Manual (the green folder received along with the vehicle). After checking what the light refers to, contact our  Customer Assistance Center at +39 346 3570861 or +39 02 38201121.

Breakdown :
Immediately pull over and stop the vehicle in a safe place and  notify our Assistance Center of the breakdown  ( +39 346 3570861 or  +39  02 38201121). In the event the vehicle will not start, contact the Customer Help Line inside the Use and Maintenance Manual to   jump start the vehicle onsite.
Any repairs done by external mechanic shops must be approved in advance.
The paid invoice must be submitted in order to receive reimbursement for the repairs.

Theft :
Immediately notify local authorities (Carabiniere, Police, Local Law Enforcement) and immediately file an official police report.

Driving License Expired or Forgotten :
In the event one forgets one’s driving license or if it has expired, it shall be impossible to rent the vehicle: the individual who signs the contract may delegate the driving to another person who is in possession of a valid driving license at the time of rental pick up.

Car accident :
Call Emergency Services for serious accidents  (phone numbers: 113, 118, 115). Take down the information of the persons and vehicles involved in the accident, and of any witnesses, which must be communicated to the Insurance company.
If possible, correctly fill out the “Contestazione Amichevole” Mutually-Agreed Accident Report.

The truck stops on the tracks of a railroad crossing ….
If it is not possible to remove the vehicle from the tracks, immediately notify the Railway Police at +39 02 27002380   providing
your personal information,  (my name is ………………..)
the phone number you are calling from,  (my telephone number is …………)
the reason you are calling, (my vehicle has broken down on the train tracks ……………..)
your exact location,  (I am at the railroad crossing in Street …………… Town……………….. )

Returning the vehicle without gas :
In the evnt you return the vehicle on empty, a Gas Refill Service Fee will be charged, equal to Euro 10.00 +VAT tax  + the cost of the gasoline purchased at the filling station closest to our site, at the price established by that gas station.

Items left behind in the vehicle:
If you forget documents, possessions or other items in the vehicle, call +39 02 38201121 as soon as possible to notify us: if the truck has not yet been rented out to another client, it will be possible to carry out a check of the vehice to locate the forgotten item(s).