in service since 1999



” When we began renting out trucks and vans in 1999, it seemed an impossible challenge. There was no market, we didn’t have any experience yet and our clientele was also inexperienced dealing with this kind of service.

Our fleet was very limited: we only had 4 trucks, plus our service vehicle, which had to be shared with the Moving Service, too.

The new branch managers had little faith, and marketing was inexistent : in fact, for the first three years our only form of advertising was a mention in the Saint’s name-day annual calendar.

Sometimes arguments arose between colleagues when we had to use a vehicle for a few extra days because that meant having one less vehicle available for Moving, which was the Group’s main business at the time .

Clients’ curiosity increased day by day, though, which gave us the motivation to carry on with our adventure.

We were enthusiastic about finally doing something new!

From those first four vehicles, today our fleet has grown to 30 new vehicles.

Today our early experience in the Moving field, which helped us so much at the beginning, allows us to fully understand the needs of our clients and to provide them with the right solution to satisfy those needs.